FrameDesigner - Main Screen

This is a screenshot of FrameDesigner with all the toolbars open. Every aspect is labeled, so you can easily find out what you're looking at. Keep in mind that almost every widget may be easily hidden or shown, depending on your preferences.

Navigation is also elementary. You may use the cube, the steering wheel or simply your mouse to zoom, pan, and orbit around.

FrameDesigner - Standard Widget

The key design tools in FrameDesigner are located in the Standard Widget. They are the Select tool (the arrow), Extrude tool, and Angle Profile tool. You can use them to create any basic design.

Use the man model in the background as an ergonomic reference: he is 5'10" (180cm) tall.

FrameDesigner - Live Quotes

One essential feature of FrameDesigner is the ability to provide you with a live quote on the screen as you design. In addition, by clicking on the live quote, it will also allow you to get a complete quote including shipping costs.

FrameDesigner - Convenient Purchase System

We let you decide, which payment choice is best for you. You may enter your credit card information online (we work hard to provide you the best security regarding your private information) or provide it over the phone, whichever is more convenient for you.

FrameDesigner - Angle Profile Feature

FrameDesigner allows you to connect profiles at any desired angle. You don't have to limit your imagination to just 90 degrees.

FrameDesigner - Metric and Imperial Measurement Systems

Whether you feel more comfortable using feet and inches or centimeters, FrameDesigner allows you to pick your measurement system. The workspace adjusts right away, including rulers and aluminum profile measurements.

FrameDesigner - Additional Actions Widget

Check out FrameDesigner's additional actions widget. You can create surfaces, add feet, casters, or even cover caps to your design, stretch and rotate it.

FrameDesigner - Angle Slice

In addition to the Angle Profile tool, FrameDesigner allows you to manually cut profiles to a desired angle. Angle indicators will help make an appropriate cut.

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