Custom Cabinets

Custom designs are almost always superior to their generic counterparts when it comes to applications such as industrial cabinets, shop cabinets, mobile storage cabinets, and other steel cabinets. A custom design means that your equipment or tools will be properly sorted and that your cabinet will be of ideal size for your application. Furthermore, building a cabinet using aluminum frames ensures that your solution will be rigid and expandable.

Ordering a custom aluminum cabinet frame from FrameXpert means that you can integrate any size of drawer, door, enclosure, or other fixture into your design. Because aluminum profiles are ideally flat, slotted, and are easy to drill, it is more versatile than wood, plastic, or other composite materials while at the same time offering unmatched structural rigidity.

Got inspired? Create exactly what you need using our software!
All of the structures you see above were created using our own FrameDesigner software. Download it for free and design anything you can imagine!

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