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Please note that goods purchased from FrameXpert are custom cut for every order. As a result, all purchases are final, non-returnable and non-refundable. Customers have 10 days after receipt of goods to notify FrameXpert of any errors or omissions in the goods they receive.
Aluminum frames are much like the wooden beams used for creating structures, but from a much more durable and lightweight material. Basically, aluminum profiles are like building blocks for bringing to life structure ideas.

On the right is an image of the different kinds of T-slotted Aluminum Profiles.
How do T-slotted aluminum profiles work?
T-slots give you the freedom to make just about any industrial-strength structure. From aquariums to photo booths to machine stands, T-slotted profiles make up the frame of all of these structures. And, if cut to specification by FrameXpert, the only tool you will ever need to assemble the frame is a simple screwdriver.

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Aluminum profiles allow you to build almost anything from home furniture to industrial heavy machinery.
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