Cleanrooms are an integral part of many high-tech and scientific research laboratories. In order to provide minimal air contamination, cleanroom furniture must be designed to be easy to clean and at the same time produce a minimum amount of airborne particles. Furthermore, cleanroom furniture must be practical, lighweight, and able to hold a wide variety of instruments and materials. Using FrameXpert Frame Designer, engineers can quickly and effectively design custom cleanroom furniture from scratch.

Using modular aluminum profile systems from FrameXpert, not only can the actual clean room frames be designed, but all internal accessories such as equipment racks, storage cabinets, and even transport carts. Frame Designer lets you add accessories such as rollers/wheels and end caps in order to customize your equipment the way you want it. Furthermore, should the need arise to add other custom equipment that is not listed in FrameXpert's catalog, our aluminum profiles, while extremely durable, are easy to drill and modify.

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