Custom AV Screen Frame

When designing a projection screen frame for a home theater or commercial AV (audio/video) setup, t-slotted aluminum profiles offer a rigid, easy to assemble, and lightweight solution. A projection AV screen frame allows you to wrap the material onto which a picture from a projector/beamer will be shown on. Using materials such as wood or cheap metals means that a center supporting beam will be needed. Using a center beam means that the screen frame will be heavier and that the center beam will be visible in the middle of the viewing area in scenes with high brightness.

Projection screen frames and stands can be designed with FrameXpert Frame Designer in the following easy steps:

  • Download FrameDesigner. It's Free.
  • Make sure you know the dimensions (width x length) of your desired projector screen.
  • Choose the aluminum profile that you would like to use and draw the frame.
  • Add other fixtures (such as for speakers) as you see fit.

A typical screen frame takes about 10 minutes to design using FrameXpert Frame Designer. br />

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