Equipment Racks

Industrial racks, industrial shelves, cantilever racks, pallet racks, and wall racks must be easy to mount and assemble yet at the same time be rigid enough for holding heavy materials and tools. As such, aluminum profiles are the ideal material to be used for such applications. Using FrameXpert Frame Designer for your industrial shelving application also means that you'll be able to configure your rack the way you want it - by adding fixtures, shelves, enclosures and other special objects.

After creating your design in Frame Designer, the frame for your equipment rack will be shipped using FedEx next day delivery. In order to complete the rack, you can use virtually any material for the surface of the shelving, as aluminum is extremely easy to modify using simple tools such as electrical drills, grinders, and rotary saws. Using T-slotted aluminum profiles gives you the flexibility to not only design it the way you want it, but to modify it how you want to as well.

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