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When you start Frame Designer, the Startup Dialog opens.

Getting Started Dialog

You can use Startup Dialog to select measurement units to be used in your drawing, to load frames and get help or see a demo.

  • To begin a new drawing, under Start a New Project choose New Imperial Drawing if you perfer inches, or New Metric Drawing if you are more comfortable with centimeters, and start your project.
  • To load one of the scenes saved on your computer, click the Browse button and choose a file or pick a recently saved file from the list.
  • To learn how to use our software click on the Teach Me! button and browse through the tutor.
  • Click the Play Demo button to see how FrameDesigner works.
  • Click Close to close Startup Dialog and draw a new frame using the default settings (Equivalent of "New Imperial Drawing".

User Interface

Frame Designer offers an easy-to-use user interface.
The User Interface contains the following elements (click image to enlarge it):

User Interface. Click to enlarge

You can arrange the UI the way that better suits you. You can do it as follows:

  • Use the Widget Toggle (#7 on image above) to show/hide toolbars, the Additional Actions widget, Navigation Cube, and the Camera tool, Properties widget and Buy widget.
  • Any widget may be closed/minimized by clicking the X button on top right of that widget.
  • Use the move icon to move Navigation Cube and the Camera tool around the Drawing Surface.

Main Menu

NewClears the drawing surface and creates a new frame (Ctrl+N).
OpenLets you open a frame from file (Ctrl+O).
SaveLets you save the current frame changes (Ctrl+S).
Save asLets you save the current frame as a new file.
PreferencesLets you adjust settings.
ExitExits the application.
AddAdd covers or rollers to profiles.
UndoCancels a previous action.
RedoCancels the Undo action.
CutDeletes a selected object from a current location and let’s you place it anywhere on the drawing surface.
CopyCopies a selected object on the drawing surface.
PasteLets you place a last copied or cut object on the drawing surface.
Edit LengthEdits a profile length.
RotateRotates a profile about an axis.
DeleteRemoves a selected object from the drawing surface.
Select AllSelects all the objects on the drawing surface.
ExtrudeLets you extrude a profile on the drawing surface.
SelectSelects and/or moves an object on the drawing surface.
BoxDraws a box built of profiles.
SegmentDraws a joining segment between two profiles on the same plane. (Available only for Standard toolbar user.)
Draw in planeDraws joining segments between profiles located in the same horizontal plane and at right angles to each other. (Available only for Standard toolbar user.)
SnapEnables the Snap to Planes, Snap to Parallels or Snap to End tools. (For Standard toolbar user, the Snap to End tool is not available.)
PalettesLets you show/hide the Palettes pane.
StandardLets you show/hide the Standard toolbar.
Show cubeDisplays Navigation Cube.
Show cameraDisplays the Camera tool.
Show tipsLets you enable/disable the dynamic tips (Ctrl+H).
AboutLets you view the product information.
Send FeedBackLets you send a feedback about the product
Visit our websiteSends you to
Online helpSends you to Frame Designer online help.
SamplesLoads a selected sample frame.

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