We are often asked "what sort of things can I build with FrameDesigner?".  The answer is simple: the only limitation is your imagination. We have grouped many of the more common products designed by our customers into easy to browse categories below:

Industrial Aluminum Furniture
Lab and Industrial
Transport carts, dangerous material cabinets, cleanroom furniture, as well as other lab furniture solutions can all be designed with FrameXpert Frame Designer.
Displays and Exhibit Stands
Displays & Exhibits
Preparing for a trade show or exhibition? Need a solid shop display? Use FrameXpert frame designer to design your display stand or exhibition booth quickly and effectively.
Aluminum Racks and Cabinets
Racks and Cabinets
Server racks, equipment racks, safety cabinets, and other heavy-duty racks or cabinets can be designed in under 10 minutes using FrameXpert Frame Designer.
Aluminum Guarding and Enclosures
Guarding & Enclosures
FrameXpert Frame Designer can help you design your safety fencing, snow control barrier, heavy duty partition wall, or any other aluminum barrier without the hassle of going to a specialist or engineer.
Industrial Strength Machine Stands
Design the base of your robotic, industrial machine, or test system using aluminum profiles. FrameXpert Frame Designer saves you time and money in the development process of your machine stand.
Customer Designs
Customer Designs
Looking for something completely different? These designs were made by our customers. You may also design our own special product using our software. Download it and try for yourself!
Become the Creator! Make your own aluminum frame design!
If you can imagine it, you can easily construct it in our software - FrameDesigner. Download it for free right now and try it out!

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