The lists below are our latest release information

Release notes for version 4.4.96. Please read.
  • Added Latch locks
  • Added context menu "Resize Parent" for cover caps to resize the parent profile by the height of the cap
  • Added handles and ability to create "reversed" fasteners. DD attribute in markers.
  • Convert user interface to MM from CM
  • Fixed miter connections
  • 40% ready for multi-language support
  • Cross-bore measurement drawing for BOM (75% complete)
  • Changed panel "gaskets" from Framing profiles to Combination profiles
  • Adaptive grid check-box now disables Front/Left images
  • Added AUD prices and market
  • Fixed cross-bore callout in BOM and profile grouping
  • Added ability to add some Accessories to "closed" profile slots.
  • Fixed SolidWorks output XML crash on special characters.
  • "Safety wrapped" several crash conditions reported by pilot users
  • Started "dynamic slot match" algorithm for accessories that look similar but p/n depends on the slot (20% complete).
  • Fixed fastener placement issues in SolidWorks.
  • Fixes to the "Door Settings" dialog. Namely: position of the piano hinges and related hardware now reflects in BOM. Frameless "panel" doors will be implemented in early 2014 and are not working well now.
The MayTeCAD 4.4.96 is here.
Registry fix, for those who cannot change market, currency, or language here.

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