Panels for frames

As promised! We've added panel elements to help you complete your design. Two new tools in FrameDesigner 3.0 "Panels" and "Slot Mounted Panels" are now on the application toolbar.

Using "Panels" tool: 

Select the tool on the toolbar. Using your mouse, create two points on the “face” of the profile, if the attachment point is selected correctly you will see a small blue rectangle under the mouse pointer. By default, panel will attach to the profile by means of four corner screws.

Using "Slot Mounted Panels" tool: 

Select the tool on the toolbar. To create a panel mounted in T-slot, point the cursor at the T-slot where you want the panel to fit into. If all conditions are correct, a green semi-transparent rectangle will appear, click left mouse button to create the panel.

03 June 2010

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